why eat foods in season

Eating foods that are in seasonal seems like a great idea, but do we know why? Many local restaurant menus show off their “Seasonal Fruits” dessert. Go into any supermarket and wonder at their seasonal vegetables. Local, seasonal foods are all around us. Yet so many of us remain ignorant about the real reasons why we should care. When it comes to making food choices, there are generally three main reasons to pick one food over another. Is it cheaper? Does it taste better? Is it healthier? Let’s consider local, seasonal foods.

1. Local Seasonal Foods Are Cheaper

Naturally, seasonal foods are cheaper than foods out of season. The reasons for this are simple; when something is in season, there is plenty of it. When produce is out of season,it needs to be shipped in from elsewhere, and supply is lower. As a result, the cost of seasonal produce is always cheaper than foods that are produced out of season. This is one of the biggest reasons why people should consider shopping seasonally. Huge savings can be had just by beening aware of what is scarce and what is in easy supply.

2. Local Seasonal Foods Taste Better

Food tastes at its best when it is freshest. You can buy produce at its freshest when it’s in season! There is also the benefit that in season foods can generally be sourced locally. No shipping considerations are needed. And it tastes great when the produce is at its freshest. As a result, seasonal foods can often be some of the freshest, tastiest and most affordable foods available.

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3. Local Seasonal Foods are Healthier

You can probably answer this one yourself by now, but let’s consider it anyway. We already know that a balanced diet consists of fresh, unrefined foods that haven’t been heavily processed or tampered with. Local, seasonal foods are exactly what you’re looking for in this regard. Farmed up the road and unprocessed, local seasonal foods give you the best chance to get the most out of your food. And the brilliant thing about eating seasonally is that your diet changes throughout the year! As a result, seasonal eaters get a huge variety in their diet throughout the year. As well as further enhancing the health benefits of seasonal eating.

When you consider all these benefits, tailoring your diet with a more local, seasonal focus becomes an easy choice.

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