How to boost concentration and focus top many of our wish lists in some way. Most people find it hard to focus for long periods of time, and beat themselves up for lack of concentrating. As for me, sometimes even getting focused can be a challenge. In fact, searching for a secret to endless focus and concentration is simply a waste of time. Worse yet, many people think it’s a mental issue. More and more Americans are led to believe they have adult ADHD, and search out prescriptions (no, I’m not a doctor, and this is not medical advice). Yet, if you truly want to boost your concentration levels, the following ideas are what have helped me.

Adding certain activities to your day, such as yoga and meditation, has proven to help focus the mind. I recommend you try at least one of these activities, or a relaxing sport. Also, certain foods can help increase focus. Here is my list below.

Boost concentration with these foods

1. Salmon and other types of fish such as trout, mackerel etc.

Fish like these contain omega-3 fatty acids shown to improve brain function and boost concentration. Try adding an oily fish to your diet once or twice a week, and you may find yourself staying focused for longer stretches of time. Fish also has anti-inflammatory properties, protecting brain cells and keeping them functioning well.

2. Berries and Tomatoes

I love the rich, dark color of berries and tomatoes. They are high in antioxidants (vitamins A, C and E), too. These foods support blood flow to the brain, which is a key to good brain health. Without adequate blood flow, the brain struggles. Berries, as well as all types of tomatoes, contain anti-inflammatory properties that lend support to cells in the brain.

3. Nuts

Nuts are high in vitamin B6, proven to support our cognitive processes. Vitamin B6 directly affects memory and concentration levels. Try increasing your B6 intake with a handful of nuts as a snack in the afternoon.

Research suggests that, apart from a boost in concentration, vitamin B6 may play an important role in protecting us from diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

4. Dark Chocolate

Okay, I admit, I write a lot about chocolate! Good quality dark chocolate has important health benefits for improving focus and concentration. Research has shown that dark chocolate can increase serotonin and endorphin levels. But stay away from candy bars. Too much chocolate means too many calories, so watch your intake. Find a few of my favorite recipes here.

5. Water

Such a simple idea, but water is effective. Did you know that 80 percent of our bodies is water? So it is no wonder that we struggle to function if we do not consume a decent amount of liquids.
Dehydration can happen fast, and the brain is the first to suffer. Without adequate water, it can be hard to think clearly. If you’re feeling cloudy in the head, drink a glass of water.

6. Green Tea

When you feel like you need a caffeine hit, most people reach for a cuppa Joe. By the time you add sugar and milk, the calories add up and you may end up crashing. As an alternative, opt for the green tea instead.

Not only is it better for your waistline, but it contains caffeine, which will help boost your concentration. Also, green tea is rich in antioxidants, which helps protect brain cells.

7. Bananas

Bananas are a simple and easy snack to eat. I take a banana along when I’m on the go. Did you know that students who consume bananas before an exam perform better than those who don’t? Studies have proven so. Potassium, an essential element that supports a healthy brain, is high in bananas. Keep your brain and nerve cells in prime condition with a banana a day. Combine potassium with other foods listed above, and you’ll find a lot more stamina to help you focus.

8. Consider Your Diet

If you already eat a clean diet, then consider adding theses foods to your diet. If you are so inclined, keep a food journal of the things you eat, and include how you feel. If you eat junk food, test it out and see how different your focus is when you lose the junk for a little while. You may be surprised at the results after keeping track of your food consumption.

Well, there it is. You now have even more motivation for eating clean. Do you have any favorite high-concentration foods you’d like to tell us about? Thanks for sharing!


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